About Me

Your almost-human friend

Get everything done by talking the way you want to.

What powers Saarthi?

A Conversational assistant whose wizardry extends from business purposes such as Support, Sales, etc. to integrating with IoT to bring smart cities to life.

Know more

Have augmented experiences

Plan and perform multiple things from booking flights to ordering food.

What else can I do?

Seamless switching between different intents . You can start buying a movie ticket if you change your mind while reserving a table at some restaurant.

Other Features

Be more productive

Connected in real-time! Skip queues and cross information barriers.


More than 80% of queries from users are handled by Saarthi instantly augmenting customer service.

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Book Cabs

Hire cabs from popular platforms easily through chat and put you in real-time touch with the drivers and support staff.

Order Food

Order from restaurants via an AI platform that understands your taste buds and track your order live till it gets there.

Reserve Tables

Request a spot of choice at your favorite restaurant and provide you the complete dining experience; for all your occasions.

Put up a show

Help you discover popular events and awesome movies and purchase them and also keep you updated with things of interest.

Reserve Trains

Get you a berth of your choice and keep you updated with the train status and station information.

Book buses

Reserve seats of your choice and help you with all your travel needs along the road.

Book flights

Purchase tickets, provide web check-in, get you reminders/alerts and make your journey happy and safe.

Pay Bills

Get you all your bills in one place, remind you to pay them and show relevant offers so that you stop worrying about service interruptions.

Our Services


Deep-learning based chatbots to empower conversational commerce and increase productivity


Astute measurement solutions for both Chatbot and Enterprise management


Robust packages to aid futuristic enhancements, solve critical problems or augment existing practices


Creating smart networks of devices and systems by leveraging chat platforms

Our Team

Vishwa Nath Jha


Evangelist with 5 years of experience in solving critical problems and training professionals in the field of Data Science & AI.

Abhimanyu Jha


MBA in International Business from IIFT Delhi with heavy research experience in Physical Sciences and International Business

Sangram Sabat


Data Scientist and Growth Hacker from IIT Dhanbad with 3 years of experience in Analytics, Machine Learning, Product Design and Business development

Nishant Goyal


Product Architect from IIT Mandi with 5 years of corporate experience and an incomparable affinity for AI Systems and Blockchain.

Ashutosh Kumar


Business Analyst and Program Manager from IIT-Delhi with a knack for Data Science, Product Innovation, Strategy and Business Development with 3 years of industry experience

Sameer Sinha

VP – R&D

Full Stack Data Scientist and a deep researcher with 3 years of market experience in Information Science & Engineering.


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