• Help the students navigate the entire knowledge base through chat.

  • Enable better co-ordination amongst faculties from different departments.

  • Broadcast important announcements across the institution.

  • Offer a seamless way for course registrations.

  • Assist students through targeted counselling based on their scores, problems, aspirations, etc.

  • Get all the processes from booking flights to seat and meal preference on one platform.

  • Push real time updates about your flight, train, hotel, etc.

  • Tailor recommendations about the best available hotels and places like restaurants, cafes, etc. near your users, to the extent of even planning their trip on the fly.

  • Be their personal travel concierge.

  • Summarize the histories and physical examination details

  • Staying in constant contact with the doctors, the chat bot is able to provide immediate actions that can be taken by the patient in most situations

  • The patients can be diagnosed based on symptoms and prescribed medicines accordingly

  • Connect doctors, clinics and patients through messaging to build a virtual ecosystem

  • Enable ordering food or table reservations for a dine-out on one canonical platform.

  • Show personalized yet trusted and socially reviewed recommendations the moment yours customers want it.

  • Profit from better experiences as we learn their preferences about the cuisines, spend, taste, etc.

  • Real time customer service at every helps the customers as well as your service team.

  • You are already digital. Serve better!

  • Help customers order via natural language; speech or text

  • See what your customers like the most

  • Reduce time between discovery and checkout

  • Drive loyalty through engagement

  • Help them even when they are searching through your offline store

  • Recommend crops & relevant techniques to grow them. based on rainfall, climate, soil, season, financial budget, etc.

  • Provide information about government schemes and subsidies.

  • Answer FAQs related to farming & agriculture.

  • The bot helps in tax processing as per the requirement

  • It provides support 24*7 to the user and also helps in smooth transitioning to SMEs as and when required

  • The bot provides easy interaction with tools for GST, tax deduction, etc.

  • Keeps track of the services, deadlines, news, etc. and also provides financial and tax related advice

  • Show news and information Customer opt-in features for curated content delivered on a recurring basis

  • Shareable content for market influence through social

  • Breaking news even based on how it might affect the users themselves based on location data, etc.

  • Sends news, alerts, live scores, and stats from all major leagues and games people want to follow

  • Make Movie Reservations and Event Discovery/Advice/Booking convenient and be there concierge till the curtains drop

  • Enable users to keep track of transactions and the status of credit/debit accounts, loans, etc.

  • Offer personal financial advice.

  • Virtual banking services and 24*7*365 query resolution.

  • Offer discovery of special offers as and when they want.

  • Respond to real-time alerts in case emergencies like theft or loss of a credit or debit card, etc.

  • Secure payments and transfer services

  • Ease out the customer journey by removing countless unnecessary formsand offering an instant claim service.

  • Inform them of the possible risks and give advice related to them.

  • Help customers build the most optimum cover plan.